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‘Adult’ Entertainment: If We Don’t Protect Our Children, Who Will?

While visiting a friend yesterday, I had a chance to watch a small portion of a children’s show called, “Hip-Hop Harry”. This Hip-Hop Harry is actually a dancing bear (wah waaaaah) who raps – like Barney with a gold chain and a flow. My three-year-old began to whine when he saw the show because he doesn’t know what rap is; the unfamiliarity of it all kind of shook him up. So, my friend turned to another, more traditional cartoon (Maggie the Mouse I think it was), and order was restored. After my son calmed down, my friend and I discussed Hip-Hop Harry more in depth.

She, like I, was not impressed when she first saw the show. The rapping bear was not her idea of a positive image for young children. However, an older child pleaded with her to give it a chance so that she would see the positive impact Hip-Hop Harry could have on a child. My friend agreed, and she explained that she ended up liking the character a lot. For the moment or two that we watched (my son really didn’t stop whining until she changed the channel), I was able to see that Hip-Hop Harry was rapping about reading and the importance of books. Nothing wrong with that at all.

Nothing except that children young enough to watch Hip-Hop Harry probably shouldn’t need to be engaged by a rapping teddy bear to become interested in learning. Why do small children even know what hip-hop is, anyway? The subject matters of most hip-hop (and I use that term loosely) songs are for mature (if you can be truly mature and listen to that crap) audiences only – the days of “Parents Just Don’t Understand” are long gone. So why are little children so familiar with rap music that someone felt the need to create a character like Hip-Hop Harry?

I’m thankful that my three-year-old is turned off by rap right now – it’s going to be tough to keep him protected from it for more than a few more years. However, I believe that I am supposed to protect him from it. It’s not cute when kindergarten children can’t spell their names, but can sing all the lyrics to the latest rap, R&B, or pop songs on the radio. That’s triffling.  If you watch MTV, you should probably do that when your kids aren’t around – they are sponges. When you’re driving in the family car, is Usher really appropriate?

Shouldn’t children be protected from ‘adult’ entertainment? 


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