Pharmaceutical Commercials – An Enemy in the REAL War On Drugs

Let me preface this argument with the notion that pharmaceutical drugs in and of themselves are neither good nor evil – many lives have been saved because of pharmaceutical drugs. The pills themselves have not hurt my feelings or caused my outrage, considering that they are inanimate objects.

Now that I have the PC out of the way, let’s get to some real talk about the pharmaceutical industry – it’s killing American culture and Americans themselves. Since this a capitalist nation (that’s a good thing), consumers have to be responsible, and if you really want to fight in the supposed “War On Drugs”, you’d better start by paying attention to these misleading and often tasteless and offensive pharmaceutical commercials.

First of all, doctors are supposed to prescribe drugs – shouldn’t they be watching commercials about pharmaceutical drugs? Why would I need to see a commercial about medication that I can’t go out and get myself?

The answer is so that a nation full of hypocondriacs and jellybacks can diagnose themselves and line the pockets of both doctors and pharmaceutical companies. Although there are millions of people who truly are suffering from both physical and mental illnesses, there are millions more who are convinced that they have conditions that they really do not have or need drugs that they really do not need. Furthermore, EVERYTHING is a disease now. Obesity is now a disease (as opposed to one just being fat), kids who need discipline (and Jesus) automatically have ADHD, and anyone who feels the pressures of life gets a happy pill (otherwise known as antidepressants).

When people go to their doctors demanding treatments that they may or may not need, yellow-bellied physicians often give in and prescribe medications that they know patients could live without. When overzealous pill-pushers tell you that you have to have such-and-such medicine to live, since you saw the commercial on television and everyone was smiling in it, you go ahead and okay the treatment without a second thought or a second opinion.

This is NOT good for people who don’t take their futures into their own hands.

But the phamraceutical companies cover their butts well; the fine print and the guy who mumbles really fast at the end of the commercial give you the ugly truth about these drugs. For instance, Advair, a popular asthma medication, tells you as the actors are smiling and living stress-free lives that there are serious side effects connected with Advair usage, INCLUDING ASTHMA-RELATED DEATH!!! OMG, why would I want to take an asthma medication that has been known to cause asthma-related DEATH?

I would have to be awfully desperate, or a poor schmuck who doesn’t pay enough attention to what’s going on around me.

Melody Petersen, author of OUR DAILY MEDS: HOW THE PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES TRANSFORMED THEMSELVES INTO SLICK MARKETING MACHINES AND HOOKED THE NATION ON PRESCRIPTION DRUGS, exposes how marketing, not science, is the real drive behind drug trials, lectures, and promotion.

And I don’t even have the time to get into how disgusting some of the commercials are due to the nature of the conditions that they treat. Your erectile dysfunction and herpes are your own business, and if you need medication for those conditions, you most certainly know how to get them on your own. The problem is that genital herpes and erectile dysfunction can be successfully treated by other means, and pharmaceutical companies want you to believe that they cannot.

Furthermore, (as my husband pointed out – I promised I’d give him credit for the blurb) the genital herpes/warts commercials let people know that if you get a life-changing disease like HERPES, instead of slowing down and thinking about your lifestyle you should get doped up and get right back in the game! There are no consequences for your actions now – have unprotected sex as much as you want because if you get herpes, you can still lead a normal life. The fear of disease is eased by the availability of medications that will supress the symptoms. It’s almost like you never contracted it – you can ride bikes with your uninfected lover and pedal off into the sunset with no problem. That’s EXACTLY the mentality I wanted my children to grow up with. Thanks a lot 🙂


And by the way, as I was writing this, a Levitra (ED pill) commercial aired and quietly let me know that SEVERE INJURY and VISION OR HEARING LOSS can come as a result of taking this stuff, all while the gorgeous older guy lovingly dotes over his (assumed) wife to reassure me that this is okay to talk about and okay to treat because even studs and stallions have a little trouble getting the plumbimg to work properly sometimes.



But hey – it’s their right to market to you any way they can. It’s therefore your responsibility not to be a dope and take their dope just because they tell you it will be alright.

I’m a pretty healthy person, but I have to say that pharmaceutical commercials make me sick.


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Sex and the City – Misleading Women In Theaters Everywhere

Sex and the CitySigh…

I wish that more young women could see how the “SATC” movie, as it is called, is a boatload of garbage that will certainly keep you thinking the WRONG thing about relationships and how real life works.

Although it’s obvious that I am no fan of the series, I have watched a great number of episodes – I think it’s important to stay abreast of what is killing the brain cells of today’s youth and young adults. Since I also work with young ladies, it’s good to know what influences them, and Sex and the City influences a great number of women, young and old.

But watching the show makes me itch – I mean, these are some of the trampiest women I’ve seen in a long time. I say this because the characters are too old to act the way that they do. Silly young twenty-somethings make mistakes and foolish decisions, but these women are well into their thirties, still whoring around and giving it up to anyone who might smell like he’s the one, maybe.

Or not…

The show is obviously about the sexual habits of these women, but I mean, Lord have mercy, these are some really shallow women. But, because they live jet-setting New York lifestyles and wear trendy clothes, they have become role models for many American women, and it’s sickening.

The one redeeming quality that the show had  was the notion that living like this doesn’t get you love. It may get you a baby’s daddy, a disease, and some embarrassment, but not the traditional married life and lifestyle (more or less) that these women (with the exception of Samantha) were looking for.

Until now…

SATC wraps it all up in one nice bow, where Carrie, the biggest whoring dingbat of them all, gets the guy (who she’s been chasing after on and off for 10 years), the fancy wedding, and the big house, too. Well, that’s what the trailers are leading us to believe.

If there is some twist in the movie where reality comes back to bite this pipe dream where it hurts, please leave a comment here and let me know – I’ll post an update reflecting more accurately on the film and make any apologies if need be.

However, at the very least, the trailer is teaching young women across the country that, even whoremonging chickenheads, if they just wait it out, will get the guy and the white picket fence, too.

The problem with this message is that it simply isn’t true, and that’s why there are so many single older women who are so used and abused that no decent man wants to be bothered with them now…not for long, anyway.


How do you feel about it?

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The Battle Cry – I Just Couldn’t Take It Anymore

Hello reader,

Today, I had to start this blog or I was going to blow a gasket. Seriously…

As I watched a Viagra commercial at about 3:00 in the afternoon on network television on Sunday of all days, I knew it was time. I hoped that my three-year-old son had not noticed how catchy the “Viva, Viagra” jingle is because if he had, he would be singing it soon.

And what if I didn’t have kids? I still don’t want to hear about your erection! My God! In the middle of the day, no less!

With all that is on television, radio, and in theaters, I knew that I had to be a voice that would call for other voices like my own. There must be a place in online social media where the truth can be told without censorship, and where those who are fed up with the degradation of our society can rally together. There had to be a battle cry…

I can’t sit and watch this crap anymore without saying something and saying it LOUD.

So here we are 🙂


Are you a soldier in America’s Culture War?

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