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Worship God or Al Gore: The Left-Wing Church of Environmentalism and How It Hurts More Than It Helps

Al Gore
Al Gore

Let me preface this by clarifying how I am not only NOT anti-environmentalism, I am green myself. My problem does not lie with the concept of environmental stewardship – I just hate how left-wing extremists create non-existant crises for personal and political leverage.


Really; this fries my egg.


Being under (but very close to) 30, I remember being taught in school about environmental conscience and awareness. The problem is, however, that my liberal educational curriculum designers left out the part about how the premise of many of the “facts” being taught were not factual at all, but scientific theory.


In case you didn’t know, the assertion that global warming is caused by human beings is NOT FACT – it is the theoretical premise of SOME, not all scientists, and very few climatologists. In case you didn’t know, global warming and cooling are a part of the life of a planet such as ours. If you aren’t old enough to remember (I know I’m not), there was a supposed “Global Cooling Crisis” in the early 70s, and the heroes of that era proclaimed that the world would enter into a new Ice Age if something wasn’t done about it.  Science does not support the idea of a “Global Warming Crisis” AT ALL, but if you don’t question the mainstream media or politicians who say that they care about you, you’ll fall for this garbage.


Most Americans have fallen for it; you’re not alone.


Do a little research; you’ll see that what I’m telling you is absolutely true. But that means that Al Gore and all of the eco-nuts who judge you for driving an SUV and preach to you about “saving” a planet that is not in danger are either complete idiots or they have an agenda other than environmentalism.


And Al Gore is no idiot.


He is a crook of the lowest degree. Think about it; hiding in Clinton’s shadow, trying to skate into the White House without success, Gore needed a comeback. His political career was lacklustre AT BEST, so he needed to create an enemy that people loved to hate so that he might rally support. Al Gore needed to create a situation in which he would be depicted as the hero and we all would mourn over how America made the wrong choice when we let him get away.


And the Global Warming Crisis is born.


The junk science was already there; all he had to do was kick it up a notch and claim that there was a crisis no one was telling us about because the big bad government (that he wants to be a part of) and the big bad corporations (which provided him with everything he has ever had) wanted the wool to be pulled over your eyes. This “whistle blowing” put educators and journalists who had already been indoctrinated in the falsehood of human responsibility for global warming in a panic mode, causing everyone to look for a leader to think and speak for them.


In walks Al Gore, stage left.


Since most of us are not scientists, we tend to trust the word of leaders who claim to have science on their side. We as individuals have no basis to refute the claims; or so we think. Besides basic scientific knowledge and common sense, we are supposed to use wisdom and caution whenever someone cries wolf. However, we don’t. We’re taught to trust the news and to trust politicians if they shed a crocodile tear for the less fortunate and villainize those more powerful than them every now and then. The tragedy is that this kind of dirty social politics is designed to cause you to give up your freedoms in exchange for government protection from a perceived threat that is so big and bad that grown folks like yourself and millions of other American adults can’t handle it on your own. In comes government policies that tell you what you can and cannot use, eat, or buy. they’re already trying to do this with CFL lightbulbs that have poisonous mercury in them! The government would force you to use CFLs whether you object to them or not, and then have you pay the bill when the bulb breaks and you have to have a special hazmat team come in and clean it up.
But it keeps bureaucrats and certain eco-priests in business, so forget you and what you believe. You can’t think for yourself anyway, right? You need the goverment to be your daddy and tell you what to think, right? That’s how things are, if you really think about it.


And so we live in an America full of parrots; no one checks sources, no one questions leadership (unless they’re Republicans), and no one takes a moment to simply research popular opinion to see if the unpopular opinion makes any sense.


This kind of groupthink culture is no better than blind faith; it is superficially deep and seducingly religious. People repeat the first thing they hear and then place the megaphone on a pedastal. We have the freedom to think for ourselves in this country – let’s use it before the public is called to hail the savior of the earth, Al Gore the Environmentally Anointed One.


Yes, I am using a bit of hyperbole, but if you don’t see why, you may need to buy a clue with that purchase of carbon neuralization credits (are you kidding me) and your windmill.


No offense to windmills…
You can conserve and wisely utilize natural resources without turning into a nut job or an eco-priest. I’m living proof 😉

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CLEAR! – The Revival of the Soldier’s In America’s Culture War Blog

Yes, this blog did flatline. It was dead. For like, a month.

Bad, bad General…I know…

But hey, I’m back – and there are going to be a few changes implemented to ensure that this doesn’t happen again. I don’t want this blog to turn into a zombie!


1) More contributing authors. More officers means more posts more often – it makes sense, and it keeps things fresh.

2) More controversial topics. Not that there was ever a lack of controversial commentary here, but the more the merrier. it keeps people talking, which keeps writers motivated to write.

3) More stalking. Yes, I will stalk all of you and make you leave at least one comment a day. I will allow you to stalk me until I write a new post. I believe in reciprocity. And of course, I’m just kidding.


The war doesn’t take a vacation, so neither will I,

The General

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The Future of Working Class America – Sink or…Dream?

Whether you know it or not, America is facing a new Industrial Revolution – but this time, it’s a bust instead of a boom. The working and lower middle classes are struggling just to survive as corporations downsize, jobs are exported, more goods are imported, and the economy evolves.

So, what do you do if you find yourself scrambling to keep your number in the Rat Race? Do you sit down and have a pity party where socialized medicine and (fill in the blank)s are given as favors? Do you throw your hands up and blame capitalism for all your problems? Do you take out a second mortgage and invest it all in the stock market or the latest business opportunity? There are pertinent questions that need to be answered, and in this Presidential Election year, politicians claim to have the answers.

But I’m not so sure that what they are proposing will really help…

America’s legacy lies in what we call “The American Dream” – when times get tough, the tough get innovative and industrious. That’s what we do. That’s why people come here. Every race, every culture has developed old and new ideas together to produce industry.

The working class is the next “race” that must do so in order to survive.

I propose that simply diversifying one’s income and cutting back will do the trick. It doesn’t happen overnight, and it does involve some trial and error, but it will prove to increase your net worth when you do it and commit to it.

Those who come up from the (supposed) ashes of our changing economy will be those who learn to evolve with it. There’s no point in trying to make a square peg of tradition fit into a round hole. Change happens. We have to learn to roll with the punches.

That’s what Americans do.

So, if you are not making enough on the job, find other ways to make money. It’s no longer an option – if you want to maintain your quality of life, it’s a necessity. It’s not enough to just continue education; that takes time and money, and it does not guarantee that you will be able to work in your field for the pay that you want. I’m not discouraging anyone from continuing education, but I do submit that it must be done very strategically, with a real business sense and not just high hopes.

Your future is in your own hands. You have the power to make strategic decisions, no matter how much you do or do not have in the bank, toward securing your financial future. There are opportunities that anyone can use to get started. They may not make you rich, but you can use them as building blocks toward bigger and better things. Whether you become a business mogul or just bring in a few extra hundred dollars a month, having multiple income streams is the 21st Century adaptation of The American Dream for the working class.

The Home Biz Marketing Blog has more on home business options and income diversification.

What are YOUR thoughts?

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