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The Digital Age – Is It Hurting Us As Much As It Is Helping?

I am really beginning to question my relationship with modern electronics…seriously…

I recently moved, and unfortunately, our janky phone service provider has yet to transfer our service after almost two weeks. So, I still have NO INTERNET SERVICE AT HOME…


That is, with the excepton of Windows Mobile 6, which I am using for the first time in a few days because my Blackjack II went psycho on me this past week. Just got my new one via FedEx today. So, I was VERY frusrated all weekend.

I mean, REALLY frustrated.

And when I saw the FedEx truck outside, I literally jumped up and down and began clapping and singing. I was actually surprised at how excited I got. I don’t think a PDA phone should be so serious in one’s life.

However, as I look back over the past week, the interruption in my multimedia communications made me very irritable. I was a bit of a mess. Since I am a stay-at-home mom with very small children and a hubby who works second shift, it can be difficult to just pick up and roll out to the nearest WiFi hotspot. I finally had that opp today – and it felt good.

I know that it was a good thing, but it actually FELT good.

Is that bad? Has our digital society created a new addiction? We know that internet and cellular technologies are awesome for connecting people with information and other people, but what about the connection that is created with these mediums themselves? Is it unhealthy? Is it only to be expected?

Is it a conspiracy? *raises one eyebrow*

What do YOU think based on your own experiences?


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