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Jesus – The Action Figure: Cool or Not Cool?

Recently, at a local bookstore, I saw something that literally made me do a double-take. I thought that I may have been mistaken, but I was not – it was indeed a Jesus Christ action figure. With posable arms, mind you. You can imagine how stunned I was to behold such a thing. Absolutely had to take a pic with my cell phone.

‘Oh…my…God’, I thought as the mock shutter sounded, signifying that I had captured this shocking image.

And then I continued to think about it. I want to know what YOU think – should Jesus be protrayed as an action figure? Does it reduce him to the likes of Barbie or G.I. Joe? Does it empower children to live out their faith? Genius? Blasphemous?

What say you?


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‘Adult’ Entertainment: If We Don’t Protect Our Children, Who Will?

While visiting a friend yesterday, I had a chance to watch a small portion of a children’s show called, “Hip-Hop Harry”. This Hip-Hop Harry is actually a dancing bear (wah waaaaah) who raps – like Barney with a gold chain and a flow. My three-year-old began to whine when he saw the show because he doesn’t know what rap is; the unfamiliarity of it all kind of shook him up. So, my friend turned to another, more traditional cartoon (Maggie the Mouse I think it was), and order was restored. After my son calmed down, my friend and I discussed Hip-Hop Harry more in depth.

She, like I, was not impressed when she first saw the show. The rapping bear was not her idea of a positive image for young children. However, an older child pleaded with her to give it a chance so that she would see the positive impact Hip-Hop Harry could have on a child. My friend agreed, and she explained that she ended up liking the character a lot. For the moment or two that we watched (my son really didn’t stop whining until she changed the channel), I was able to see that Hip-Hop Harry was rapping about reading and the importance of books. Nothing wrong with that at all.

Nothing except that children young enough to watch Hip-Hop Harry probably shouldn’t need to be engaged by a rapping teddy bear to become interested in learning. Why do small children even know what hip-hop is, anyway? The subject matters of most hip-hop (and I use that term loosely) songs are for mature (if you can be truly mature and listen to that crap) audiences only – the days of “Parents Just Don’t Understand” are long gone. So why are little children so familiar with rap music that someone felt the need to create a character like Hip-Hop Harry?

I’m thankful that my three-year-old is turned off by rap right now – it’s going to be tough to keep him protected from it for more than a few more years. However, I believe that I am supposed to protect him from it. It’s not cute when kindergarten children can’t spell their names, but can sing all the lyrics to the latest rap, R&B, or pop songs on the radio. That’s triffling.  If you watch MTV, you should probably do that when your kids aren’t around – they are sponges. When you’re driving in the family car, is Usher really appropriate?

Shouldn’t children be protected from ‘adult’ entertainment? 

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