The Future of Working Class America – Sink or…Dream?

Whether you know it or not, America is facing a new Industrial Revolution – but this time, it’s a bust instead of a boom. The working and lower middle classes are struggling just to survive as corporations downsize, jobs are exported, more goods are imported, and the economy evolves.

So, what do you do if you find yourself scrambling to keep your number in the Rat Race? Do you sit down and have a pity party where socialized medicine and (fill in the blank)s are given as favors? Do you throw your hands up and blame capitalism for all your problems? Do you take out a second mortgage and invest it all in the stock market or the latest business opportunity? There are pertinent questions that need to be answered, and in this Presidential Election year, politicians claim to have the answers.

But I’m not so sure that what they are proposing will really help…

America’s legacy lies in what we call “The American Dream” – when times get tough, the tough get innovative and industrious. That’s what we do. That’s why people come here. Every race, every culture has developed old and new ideas together to produce industry.

The working class is the next “race” that must do so in order to survive.

I propose that simply diversifying one’s income and cutting back will do the trick. It doesn’t happen overnight, and it does involve some trial and error, but it will prove to increase your net worth when you do it and commit to it.

Those who come up from the (supposed) ashes of our changing economy will be those who learn to evolve with it. There’s no point in trying to make a square peg of tradition fit into a round hole. Change happens. We have to learn to roll with the punches.

That’s what Americans do.

So, if you are not making enough on the job, find other ways to make money. It’s no longer an option – if you want to maintain your quality of life, it’s a necessity. It’s not enough to just continue education; that takes time and money, and it does not guarantee that you will be able to work in your field for the pay that you want. I’m not discouraging anyone from continuing education, but I do submit that it must be done very strategically, with a real business sense and not just high hopes.

Your future is in your own hands. You have the power to make strategic decisions, no matter how much you do or do not have in the bank, toward securing your financial future. There are opportunities that anyone can use to get started. They may not make you rich, but you can use them as building blocks toward bigger and better things. Whether you become a business mogul or just bring in a few extra hundred dollars a month, having multiple income streams is the 21st Century adaptation of The American Dream for the working class.

The Home Biz Marketing Blog has more on home business options and income diversification.

What are YOUR thoughts?



  1. midnight313 said

    I cant help but to think that while multiple streams of income would be beneficial, there are a few households where this may not be possible. The one I grew up in for one, I can’t imagine that a single mother, who already is working a full time job and taking care of a home to have the time to pay attention to a web-based at home business.

    The time is not gone when 1 job is enough to sustain a person. The economy needs to catch up i.e. raising minimum wage and finding incentives for large corporations to keep their business in the US. I cannot stand when I have a problem and I call that good ole 888 number for customer service and end up more frustrated than I started because the person on the other end doesn’t understand the language that I speak!(sidebar) But companies do this because its cheaper, no reason to employ americans when I can hire unqualified foreign people and charge less AND get a tax break.

    Understandable that there are a certain number of jobs that are now being done by computer that once required a human so the job market demand is shrinking, there has to be some way for people to make a honest living without having 3 jobs and no life.

    People have to choose very wisely what they do for a living. You cant just do what you love and let the money come to you anymore (as I have learned the hard way). You have to choose a career that is lucrative enough to support your lifestyle and basic needs, so being a free-lance photographer might warm your heart, that office job is what will put food on the table and provide for your family.

  2. The General said

    I have been gone for a loooooooong time…

    Sorry guys – business is really picking up, and I’ve been swamped!

    But ANYWAYS…

    To answer you, Midnight, different people in different situations have to do different things and make different sacrifices. Everybody can’t have an internet business, but everyone, and I mean EVERYONE can have what we call “a hustle.”

    But there will be sacrifices no matter what you do, in time, money, and luxuries.

    Furthermore, you have to work in steps. Even if you do something as simple (and low yeilding) as baking cakes and pies during the holiday season or selling barbeque dinners, if you do that to build some type of small operating budget toward something else, like selling homemade candles or something, and then you flip that to invest in something larger, each time that you flip and reinvest, you will empower yourself to do more.

    Everyone isn’t going to experience wild success at their first venture, and some people have to start VERY small. However, everyone can start wherever they are doing SOMETHING, even those single mothers who work long hours and barely find time to eat, sleep, and read to their kids.

    One less hour of sleep per day to work on a project wouldn’t kill a woman in that position. Things may move slowly, but, like the ancient Chinese Proverb says, “a steady drip of water wears a hole in a rock.”

    We all just have to find our steady drip of water….

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