Jesus – The Action Figure: Cool or Not Cool?

Recently, at a local bookstore, I saw something that literally made me do a double-take. I thought that I may have been mistaken, but I was not – it was indeed a Jesus Christ action figure. With posable arms, mind you. You can imagine how stunned I was to behold such a thing. Absolutely had to take a pic with my cell phone.

‘Oh…my…God’, I thought as the mock shutter sounded, signifying that I had captured this shocking image.

And then I continued to think about it. I want to know what YOU think – should Jesus be protrayed as an action figure? Does it reduce him to the likes of Barbie or G.I. Joe? Does it empower children to live out their faith? Genius? Blasphemous?

What say you?



  1. Scottie said

    I would have to say God gave us 600 commands. One of the top 10 was that we would not create a graven image of who God is. Not a bull for his strength, nor a bust for his intellect, not an action figure for butt-kickin the pharasiees. I think our culture has gone so out of whack about what Christianity is all about, ie spiritual warfare, restoration of our hearts and loving our neighbors that people may actually make a smack down figure of Jesus vs Buddah for jr high. Holiness has gone to the marketplace. I guess the real question is: what would Jesus think of his doll?

  2. Patriot Girl said

    This is really interesting –

    The two most important topics so far, Jesus and The American Dream, aren’t getting any play.

    And this one is hilarious!

    Jesus Christ as an action figure? LOL!!! Does he have a kung-fu grip, too? OMG!!!

    And by the way, I think it’s terrible. I agree with Scottie – seems like a graven image to me, even if those who purchase it aren’t worshipping it. I don’t think God can be capsulized in any way. The doll sucks.

  3. The General said

    Thanks, you guys, for the comments.

    Amazed that there are no more takers…but then again, I’m not.

    People don’t like to be wrong about Jesus, so they usually don’t speak up at all.

    It’s a shame…I guess I will be forced to give my personal opinion soon. Was trying to save it for last, but this may very well be it!


  4. Wald003 said

    Dude…that doll is the worstliest thing I have seen in a while (beside the link going around with the 10-yr-old smacking his mom on Dr. Phil)!

    So the risen Savior – the High Priest of all humanity has been deduced to the level of “G.I. Joe?!” Now don’t get me wrong – I LOVED G.I. Joes…but they weren’t responsible for creating the world in 7 days. That joint is ludicrous. Graven image all day – and an inaccurate one at that (but that is a convo for another day). 0:-)

  5. CatLover said

    I’m not a conservative, but I am Christian, and I have no problem with the doll. I think it’s pretty funny. I don’t think it belittles Jesus – I would think the Lord had a sense of humor. Who knows, it might get young people more interested in Jesus’ teachings by making Him seem more accessible…

  6. Michael said

    I am torn between the comments of CatLover and the others comments about a graven image. BTW, thanks for visiting my blog ( and leaving a comment.

  7. midnight313 said

    I think that this doll is completely pointless, it does not stand to be worshipped nor do i believe that it will bring anyone to Christ. I mean its blasphemous to even try to put Jesus into human form, what kind of special tricks does this action figure have? Does it come with a new and improved holy grail and when you pull his arm back it comes down and turns water into wine? Does he have a cross where you can cruxify him at your leisure? I don’t understand the point of this toy, it doesn’t effectively communicate the message of the church or have enough substance to really be considered detrimental to religion.

    BTW what company makes this?

  8. johnnny said

    I seem to remember something in the bible about “Thou shall not make any graven images’ i think that sums it up, the doll is pointless..

  9. meltron said

    I think it’s hilarious. I actually own a Jesus figurine that attaches to my dashboard. But I don’t believe in God, so I don’t get offended by ridiculous things such as toys modeled after deities. I only read conservative blogs for entertainment value.

    Quick question: if a plastic figurine is enough to threaten or jeopardize your deity’s power and meaning, isn’t that a little, uh, strange?

  10. pipe rnews said

    “Jesus is just alright w/ me , Jesus is just alright – doo, doo doo doot doot doo” – doobie brothers

  11. piper news said

    “jesus is just all right w/ me, Jesus is just all right – doo doo doo doot doo doo. doo doo doot doo….” doobie brothers

  12. Sara J. said

    So, I feel like the action figure is going just a bit too far. I think it’s more the principle of the thing…even if you don’t mention the graven images bit. It’s all in the message that gets sent. Whether or not you believe and no matter how religious you are, I’d think it would be a matter of common courtesy to not trivialize one of the biggest players in a religion…in any religion. By making an action figure of Jesus you mock the entire Christian faith. And if you’re doing it because you hate Christians…well that’s one thing (thats still not cool). But thumbing your nose at an entire religion simply for profit is reprehensible.


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