Your Definition of the American Dream

Hey gang,

I took a short vacation, but I’m back and ready to blog 🙂 So, let’s start the week off right by examining an issue that speaks to the heart of why we’re here:

What is your definition of “The American Dream”? There is a specific definition, but I want to know what you believe ‘the dream’ really is. The American Culture comes from The American Dream…

So, what say you? What is “The American Dream” to you?



  1. Patriot Girl said

    No takers on this one, eh?

    Do most of your readers feel like they aren’t Americans, maybe?

    I believe that the American Dream is the hope to start in a new place (for immigrants) or in a new phase of life from rock bottom and make it all the way to the top through the free markets of capitalism. It gives anyone with an effective product, marketing scheme, and delivery system a fighting change to make it big.

    Go America!

  2. The General said


    Maybe @ Patriot Girl, maybe…

    I do agree with you on the definition of the American Dream as well. I’ll come back to this topic later, when the audience is more active. I have been gone for almost two weeks – I posted this topic from my cell!

    So, when it picks back up, we’ll revisit.

  3. smartspark said

    Funny you should ask. I’m younger, and I guess the American Dream consists of more a materialistic dream than anything. If you read my most recent blog, I have it all written down. But to sum up my own version, I suppose it is like “happiness in an abyss of excess.”

  4. The General said

    Thanks for your input…

    You have provided some great insight for me, too. It seems that younger Americans perceive the American Dream in the same vein that you do, and those who are leaning to the Left seem to be turned off by it.

    However, history shows us that the motivation behind the dream was not to exist in an “abyss of excess”, but to provide a better life for one’s children, grandchildren, and so on, creating a legacy.

    However, so few young people these days uphold traditional family values and believe that they can find happiness in traditional family structure (for a myriad of reasons) that it seems inevitable that The American Dream would die with their sense of connection to the motivation behind it.

    Very deep…

    Agree or disagree?

  5. smartspark said

    I agree with you on that. I feel that young American cultural values are quickly spinning out of control; the need for today’s youth to get away from traditional values (whether they are sick of conformity or are suffeing from rebel without a cause syndrome) is going to come right back and bite us in the ass. If traditional values are going to die, so is The American Dream. Now it’s up for the next generation to discover for themselves what they believe it is to them.

  6. very good post.thanks.

  7. blee5bloo5 said

    The American Dream, to me, is instilled in us all at a young age. The exact definition varies from person to person. For me it was a set of stages/steps in life.
    1. Graduate High School
    2. Graduate University
    3. Get a job
    4. Find a wife
    5. Have kids
    6. Get a house

    7. Finally retire

    I don’t know if the entire American Dream is dying or certain people’s definitions are dying, but I do know certain aspects are becoming much more difficult to obtain.
    Purchasing a home is more difficult than ever and often times (depending on location) less realistic than renting. Leaving University and finding a job is much more difficult now (something like 40 percent of people 20-25 who recently graduated are un/underemployed)
    I discuss this fanatical pursuit of The American Dream and just how realistic and even detrimental this chase can be for us as individuals and as a society in my blog Fleeing The American Dream.
    Check it out at

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