The Battle Cry – I Just Couldn’t Take It Anymore

Hello reader,

Today, I had to start this blog or I was going to blow a gasket. Seriously…

As I watched a Viagra commercial at about 3:00 in the afternoon on network television on Sunday of all days, I knew it was time. I hoped that my three-year-old son had not noticed how catchy the “Viva, Viagra” jingle is because if he had, he would be singing it soon.

And what if I didn’t have kids? I still don’t want to hear about your erection! My God! In the middle of the day, no less!

With all that is on television, radio, and in theaters, I knew that I had to be a voice that would call for other voices like my own. There must be a place in online social media where the truth can be told without censorship, and where those who are fed up with the degradation of our society can rally together. There had to be a battle cry…

I can’t sit and watch this crap anymore without saying something and saying it LOUD.

So here we are 🙂


Are you a soldier in America’s Culture War?



  1. Steven Snead said

    Yeah, those Viagra commericals are out of control. The FCC is kinda losely inconsistent these days. Why don’t you Republicans reel your corporations in and teach them some values. While you’re at it, teach some to Bob Dole too. He did a spot for them a few years ago. I imagine Clinton must have turned it down!

  2. Mary said

    Saw your tweet on this – and had to laugh at this post! I’m socially liberal (if I had to pick sides in the culture war thing) …but the always-on viagra/levitra commercials are horrible. As if such a product really needs so much promotion. I think its safe to say we’re all aware of Viagra…. LOL – and dont get me started about the “Viva Viagra” spots – and poor Elvis isn’t around to defend himself!! Terrible.

    I’m also grossed out about most other pharma commercials as well. Just so we can all go to our doctors as if they are just another drug dealer. I dont have kids, but if I did, I’d probably just cut off the cable…. its a mess.

    Great post! 🙂

  3. Patriot Girl said

    I’m a soldier!

    Where can I get my uniform? LOL

  4. Midnight said

    The thing that gets me, in addition to not wanting to see these commercials in the middle of the day is that there is really no need to market these products. People who have trouble getting it up already know that they have that problem and more than likely have talked to their doctor about it, this commercial is not going to make me say hey….I think i want my erection back!! Let me call my doctor.

    The ones that really get me are the genital herpes/warts commercials. Who needs a commercial to seek treatment for those things? As I have read those things are painful and any reasonable person would consult their physician for treatment WITHOUT ANY PROMPTING!!! So they should spend their time convincing doctors to prescribe their drugs not forcing us to endure these misleading ads where everyone is dying and smiling at the same time.

    Do I even need to mention the side-effects that are often worse than the initial problem.

    Massai Warrior reporting for duty General!!!

  5. The General said

    @Steven Yeah, okay. If my bone to pick gets that big, that’s exactly what I’ll do. I don’t have to go whining to Big Brother – there are ways and means of dealing with corporations that don’t involve unfair or unnecessary regulations.

    And you’re one to talk about Bob Dole with Clinton in your camp…

    @Mary it just goes to show that even though we sit on opposite sides of the aisle, some things are just plain terrible.

    But it was’t cable. It was during NASCAR on FOX – that’s why it fried my egg. My son likes to watch the racecars. Too bad he can’t do that without hearing about ED.


  6. The General said

    @Midnight LOL!!!

    I love you! Pharmaceutical commercials were actually going to be the topic for today’s post. So I am definitely going there now 🙂

    Does anyone else read the fine print and listen to the guy who mumbles about the side effects which often include DEATH???

    I’m going to connect this blog to my FB notes, so you’ll see it when it drops 🙂

  7. Nicole said

    I hate them too. I don’t want to see commercials for feminine products so why in the world would I want to see a Viagra or ED commercial…

    I truly understand why my co-worker doesn’t watch TV

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